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my travels have taken me in the direction of sidereal astrology, which is a bit different from western. Join me for monthly forecasts, charts and transit reports.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

7/8/16 through 7/14/16

Artist unknown

Friday, July 8th - Today begins with a Venus/Chiron trine early in the morning. This transit encourages us to work together with others to initiate change. Spending time with a close friend, partner or family member can trigger both personal transformations and those on a larger scale. We are encouraged to think of the big picture as Mercury and Jupiter meet in sextile a little bit later in the morning. Our words are being heard, even if it seems like they are not making a difference. If you offer your help to others even on a small scale, there is a gradual ripple effect that extends our actions further and further over the course of the next week.
The moon squares Saturn, opposes Neptune and conjuncts the North Node in Virgo over the course of the afternoon and evening. Focus is shaky, but at the same time there is a strong drive to prove oneself through accomplishments. This dissonance may create some upsets if you are looking for a certain reaction from others, rather than putting your attention on the work at hand.

Saturday, July 9th - The Virgo moon is extremely active today. We begin with the moon trining Pluto, sextiling the Sun, conjuncting Jupiter and sextiling Mercury this morning. These aspects are all pleasant, but the sheer amount of them could make for a scattered start to the day. Attention is veering off in many directions at once, and there is a somewhat unsettled quality that carries through into the afternoon. However, moods are mostly light and cheery, even if it is hard to delve too deeply into anything that is happening.
This afternoon, the moon sextiles Mars, opposes Chiron and sextiles Venus a bit later in the evening. Energy is up and enthusiasm is high. Today is a poor day to try to examine situations at a greater level or get too serious in any way. Problems will be easier to deal with in a couple days, if they can wait.

Sunday, July 10th - The Sun sextiles Jupiter today, creating a desire for travel, adventure and excitement. The day is centered around possibilities and primed for expansion and discovery. The moon emerges from its void and enters Libra at 4:32am EST, putting an emphasis on keeping things balanced. As we move through new plans and exciting endeavors, it is important to maintain a steady sense of balance in all areas of our lives.
Mercury and Mars are in trine tonight, which ignites our minds. Some may be very talkative, while others feel inspired to create or work on projects that have a clear sense of vision and communicate their own ideas. The Libra moon tonight turns our attention to beauty and little details, and a need to focus on aesthetics. Having a clear and clean living space can help to inspire tonight.

Monday, July 11th - The moon and Saturn are in sextile this morning. It is a good time to get down to business and take care of small details that have been pushed to the wayside over the past few weeks. Reaching out to others for help is a good idea, as the Libra moon encourages partnership and working with those around us to maximize our success.
Mercury and Uranus are in square today, and Mercury and Chiron are in trine. Mercury has been extremely active this week and has been activated by a number of planetary connections. We are experiencing an evolution in the way we communicate, both on a personal level and as a people in general. You may feel drawn to share things with others for seemingly no reason today, and the Mercury transits could encourage you to become clearer about your own thoughts and how you get them across to people. There is a sense of confrontation at work, so those that struggle with conflict may be called to find a way to be true to themselves while still maintaining gentle interactions with those around them.
The moon squares Pluto and the Sun tonight, which draws attention to areas of our life where we are not being honest with ourselves about. The Sun brings light to Pluto's dark underworld, and forces us to look beneath the surface. This weekend was very much about escapism and fun, but now we must look a little deeper and deal with whatever emerges.

Tuesday, July 12th - Venus enters Leo at 1:33am EST, which ignites the romantic passion in us all. Relationships take on a sense of drama and color. Playfulness increases for many, and you may feel a bit more social inside your personal relationships, wanting to head out on the town with your partner or friends. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries and those with their Venus in one of those signs receive a romance boost over the next month.
The moon opposes Uranus and squares Mercury this morning before moving void of course at 11:01am EST. The day is more centered around follow a particular course of action through to the end, rather than scattering your focus in different directions. Finish up whatever is left over today, or work toward completion rather than beginning something new.
The void ends at 4:52pm EST as the moon enters Scorpio, and promptly squares Venus. Passions are enhanced, and jealousy issues could arise in relationships for some. Scorpio's influence brings along a need to know and understand your partner on all levels, so if someone feels that they are being left in the dark tonight it could feel more harsh than it might on a different day. Be honest and upfront, and if it still isn't enough, wait it out and try to talk it through tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13th - We have no major aspects until 4pm EST today. The day is slow moving and relaxing. This languid energy is perfect for kicking back and enjoying yourself. If you are at work or have to stay busy during the day, striving toward a certain amount of downtime can help enhance the day tremendously.
The moon trines Neptune late in the afternoon, enhancing imaginations and allowing new creative ideas to drift lazily in. The energy is not fiery and immediate, but instead brings thoughts floating in on a gentle breeze. It is easy to feel what others feel under this transit.
Mercury enters Leo tonight at 8:46pm EST, which is a great creative, dramatic placement for the planet of communication. The next few weeks could prove to be prolific for those seeking to create or accomplish personal work of any kind. This is a good time for interactions with children and animals, or for those who are teachers or are attempting to get into the teaching field. Now is a good time to act if you are interested in pursuing a career in education.
The moon sextiles the North Node tonight, which will help to sharpen our intuition and create a certain sense of telepathy among some individuals.

Thursday, July 14th - Mars and Uranus are inconjunct today, which suggests a disconnect between the mind and body. Some people may become frustrated and act out, while others may feel lethargic and distant. The best way to handle this is to listen to your body and to any thoughts and feelings, and try to not force yourself to do things that feel overly uncomfortable today. If you need rest, rest. If you feel cramped and cooped up, get out of the house. Follow yourself as a guide, and free yourself from the expectations of those around you.
The Scorpio moon is quite active today, forming a sextile with Pluto and Jupiter, trine with the Sun,  conjunction with Mars and trine with Chiron. Again, this is a day of heightened intuition and sensitivity. It is an excellent time to commune with nature (particularly by spending time at the ocean or any bodies of water), or to celebrate spirituality or religion.
The moon is void of course from 6:22pm EST until tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekly Forecast: 7/1/16 through 7/7/16

Art by David A. Hardy

Friday, July 1st - Today is a pleasant day that has a focus around healing and expansion. The Taurus moon and Chiron are in sextile, which suggests that taking the time to treat yourself can create positive shifts. The moon exits its void at 7:44am EST and enters Gemini. The rest of the day has a facer paced feel that lends itself well to new thought and studies of any kind.
Venus and Jupiter are in sextile today, an aspect which brings on an intense appreciation of beauty and a need to surround ourselves with things that create a certain pleasing emotional response. Our relationships are beginning to expand, and partnerships that limit us are beginning to fall away if we allow them to. This is an aspect that brings on luck and fortune in our personal relationships, but it does require us to open ourselves up to change. If we are too stuck in past ways of thinking, the opportunities may not present themselves to us.

Saturday, July 2nd - The day begins with the moon opposing Saturn, squaring Neptune and the North Node. There is some tension around planning today, as ideas that may have sounded great at first could suddenly be rejected for no apparent reason. Boredom could strike some, but the Gemini moon provides a wealth of inspiration and ideas. It may just require stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.
The Sun and Saturn are inconjunct today. This weekend is a poor time to complete projects, since focus is low and there is a tendency to back away from responsibilities. If you are finding it difficult to get work done this weekend, don't be too hard on yourself. You may find that allowing yourself a break will make the work easier to complete when you return to it later.
The moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus before moving void of course at 11:43pm EST. Some may have late nights, as the Gemini moon coupling with zippy Uranus's energy could keep minds busy and chattering into the early hours.

Sunday, July 3rd - This morning, the moon squares Chiron and then emerges from the void at 9:20am EST, entering Cancer. We are gearing up for tomorrow's New Moon, which will be a big one relating back to home, family and tradition. Many will be shedding things that no longer serve them, including houses and residences. Some may decide to part ways with significant others, or start new jobs.
The Sun and Neptune are in trine today, which brings on immense creative inspiration and a need to connect with others around us. There is a lot of emotional interconnectedness going on, and you may find that others' feelings are harder to ignore today. Empathic reactions are likely, even for those who are not normally sensitive. Inspiration comes through beautifully lucid creative thoughts and vivid dreams and daydreams.
The moon is conjunct Mercury tonight, which unites us with others and allows us to speak openly and share our thoughts and feelings in a clear and demonstrative way.

Monday, July 4th - The Cancer moon trines Neptune before conjuncting the Sun at 7:03am EST, otherwise known as the New Moon. This is a very dreamy New Moon, with energy centering around imagination and creative ideas. The New Moon in general is about shedding things that we've outgrown, and having this occur in the sign of Cancer directly connects us to ideas about family, tradition and the past. We may be called upon to reexamine concepts we grew up with, and some of us may actually physically change our place of residence this month, or else travel to new locales.
The moon sextiles the North Node and opposes Pluto this afternoon. The day's vibes cater to working together and joining with others to get things done. If you are an American celebrating today's holiday, it is an ideal day for family gatherings and social events. This is also true for those outside of the USA.
The afternoon and evening bring a moon/Jupiter sextile, a moon/Venus conjunction and a Mercury/Saturn inconjunction. The main takeaway from this series of transits is that we can get more things accomplished with the help of those around us today. While we are outgrowing certain ideas and belief systems from our past (as the New Moon dictates), we may find that others around us are instrumental in showing us new and exciting ways to look at the world. The Mercury/Saturn inconjunction may bring discomfort if we chain ourselves to our old viewpoints rather than allowing our minds to open to new possibilities.

Tuesday, July 5th - The moon trines Mars and squares Uranus early this morning before moving void of course at 2:29am EST. This is an excellent day for physical exercise and getting outside. The Mars influence brings a burst of energy and enthusiasm, and a moon/Chiron trine later this morning allows for emotional healing to come through physical movement.
Mercury and Neptune are in trine, an excellent transit for writers, public speakers and communicators of all kinds. We reach others through compassion today. Romantic ideas and gentle notions are celebrated. Words take on a more poetic flow and may be more symbolic than direct and logical.
The moon exits its void and enters Leo at 12:28pm EST. This is a festive afternoon and evening, where we may be called to be around others and to be seen out and about. It is a great time for performances or receiving positive acclaim. The Sun and the North Node are in sextile this evening, allowing us to shift toward positive fortune. The key here will be allowing yourself to step into the public eye without fear, as this will allow the necessary connections to be made for success.

Wednesday, July 6th - Today is loaded with planetary transits, but luckily they are all easy to navigate and bring on a sense of well-being for most.
The day begins with the moon trining Saturn as Mercury and the North Node are in sextile. The North Node of the moon is activated many times this week, which suggests that we are all going through shifts on a deeper, karmic level. We are being given glimpses into subtle areas of our lives that we typically gloss over or ignore. This may seem puzzling or perhaps even a little unpleasant for those of us who tend to not examine the inner self too deeply. Pay attention to recurring themes or seeming coincidences, especially those that keep getting brought up in conversation by others. Most of these have deeper significance and mirror certain events and feelings in our own psyches that need seeing to.
Venus and Mars are in trine today, which boosts physical attraction and magnetism. There could be a need to spend more time on personal grooming, or to make sure others see us in a certain light. Many will feel pulled toward someone special, be it a romantic partner or close friend with whom we seek intimacy on some level.
Tonight, the Sun and Mercury reach exact conjunction at 11:23pm EST. Now is the time to be clear about your intentions and beliefs with others. The public self is in harmony with spoken and written words, which makes this an ideal time to demonstrate truths and to be clear and courageous with your own personal vision. Talking to others about issues of importance will likely be easier today than it has been in the previous couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 7th - This morning, the moon squares Mars as Mercury and Pluto meet in opposition. Snags could come up, and themes of dominance and unsteady leadership arise. Some may revolt against being told what to do, and others may struggle to maintain order. There is a bit of chaos surrounding the day, and tempers flare under the harsh influence of Mars. A lot of these issues are caused by simple miscommunication and lack of foresight. Slowing down and taking time to explain your point of view in a clear and calm way will help to navigate out of sticky situations.
The moon trines Uranus before moving void of course at 8:06am EST. Despite the void moon, we have two big transits hitting over the morning and afternoon. Venus and Uranus are in square today, the effects of which can be felt into the next couple of days as well. Romances and partnerships take surprising twists and turns. It will be difficult for close relationships to follow a set routine or outline. Commitment may be difficult for some and cause unexpected results.
The Sun and Pluto are opposite one another, which exaggerates the effects of the other transits I've mentioned today. It is challenging to see eye to eye with others unless you really take the time to make an effort. Most people will jump to quick conclusions and act accordingly over the next few days.
The moon exits its void at 6:41pm EST and enters Virgo. The evening is quieter and is good for solitary work and regrouping.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly Forecast: 6/24/16 through 6/30/16

Art by Ingo Swann

Friday, June 24th - The day begins with the Aquarius moon trining Mercury, squaring Mars and sextiling Uranus over the course of the morning. These three transits enhance communication skills and the ability to connect abstract thoughts and ideas, but may make it challenging to initiate change in the physical environment. The morning is slower moving than the mind would suggest, as ideas race forward while the world around us moves at a regular, or perhaps slower than normal, speed.
The moon is void of course from 11:48am until 10:30pm EST, when it enters Pisces. Intuition heightens tonight, and creative ability is more defined over the next day or two.

Saturday, June 25th - The moon trines the Sun in the signs of Pisces and Cancer this morning, which helps connect us with others. Empathy and compassion emerge in unlikely ways, and we may find ourselves drawing together with those around us. The moon trines Venus, squares Saturn and moves into conjunction with Neptune this evening. This is all quite day-dreamy and otherworldly type energy. We are moved to other planes of existence, and may find ourselves focusing on the past or future, or thinking of things that carry our minds to far-off places. Creativity flourishes under these transits, but it will be challenging to approach anything from a logical, step-by-step outlook. Working in abstraction and allowing spontaneity will yield better results.

Sunday, June 26th - This is an extremely active day and brings a quick succession of transits that may leave us feeling like our heads are spinning. The day starts off with the moon opposing the North Node and Jupiter and sextiling Pluto. Be careful of growing too pessimistic today. There is a tendency toward discouragement or giving up if things seem a bit difficult. Problems are magnified on this day, so it is best to wait and examine them again later on. You may find that solutions seem to emerge on their own. This will be particularly easy after this Wednesday, when Mars comes out of retrograde.
Jupiter and Pluto are in trine today, which is an excellent transit for increased foresight. Jupiter provides us luck and the ability to expand in the areas of our choosing, while Pluto increases our ability to see things that are hidden, and to bring about change in a slow, deliberate way. Pluto tends to move slowly, but Jupiter encourages quick change, and so these two planets join together to help us balance out our efforts.
We are just getting started with transits today! Mercury and Mars are inconjunct this morning, which suggests there may be a disconnect between the mental process and our body's responses. Rest may be required, or else we may need to wait a day or two to get any work done properly.
The moon squares Mercury and trines Mars, which strengthens the previously mentioned aspect (Mercury inconjunct Mars). Communication may fall flat today, even if it seems like your ideas are crystal clear. Others are distracted with their own ideas and problems, and so it may be best to wait until tomorrow to approach anyone with something extremely vital.
The moon moves void of course at 3:55pm EST, where it will stay until early tomorrow morning, but we are not done with aspects for the day.
Mercury and Uranus are in sextile, which is an excellent transit for writers, inventors and anyone looking to get ideas out on paper in a new and fresh way. While our thoughts may not translate through direct communication, it is an excellent day to work on written projects and get creative juices flowing. You may find that others respond better to written word than to something spoken aloud today and tomorrow.
The other big transit for the day is the Venus/Saturn inconjunction that hits tonight. This will put a strain on relationships of all sorts that seem aimless. If it feels like you have different goals from romantic partners, friends, co-workers, etc., then they will become more exaggerated this week. You may feel as though you are being forced to take care of someone else in a way that seems unbalanced. It is important to seek balance in relationships, this week especially. If your close contacts are leaving you feeling depleted then it will soon be time to adjust them drastically.

Monday, June 27th - The moon exits its void at 3:08am EST and enters Aries, beginning a new zodiac lunar cycle. Today is another heavy day in the cosmos, and so there are certain things that will require attention.
The first order of business is Chiron moving retrograde today. This Chiron retrograde is going to last until December (not counting the shadow period, which will bleed forward into March 2017). As I have mentioned before, this is the year of the retrograde. We are dealing with old baggage so that in 2017 we can move forward with a fresh perspective and make room for big, important change. Chiron brings with it old health issues, outdated ideas about our worth and abilities, and themes of bullying vs working together. This is going to be different for everyone (and will hit those of us with planets in 21-25 degrees Pisces the hardest), and will only bring light to those things that we have ignored that are hindering us in some way. Chiron's deal is to bring confidence to those areas in which we feel inferior, and to allow us to utilize this confidence to help others who are having the same issues. Chiron makes us take care of ourselves physically, and will only bring up issues to which there is a clear solution (even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance). The Mercury/Chiron square this afternoon will be our first Chiron retrograde 'lesson', and makes us aware of issues we have while communicating with others.
Venus and Neptune are in trine today, which unites us on a spiritual, cosmic level with those around us who are on our level. If you've been feeling the Venus/Saturn inconjunction energy this week, which points out relationships that deplete us, then this transit is a welcome balm. It enhances creativity and empathy for those around us, and puts us in line with people who are on similar paths. Use this transit to inspire yourself and see the way things could be if you make certain changes.
This evening, the moon sextiles the Sun and trines Saturn. It is a good time to tackle responsibilities, as the Sun's influence provides a bit more optimism and Saturn gives us a strong work ethic.

Tuesday, June 28th - The Aries moon squares Venus and Pluto this morning, creating some tension around future plans and leadership roles. There may be a tendency to either want more recognition or shrink back from receiving any at all, with no real in between. Relationship issues spring up, and tempers could be short. Focus is scattered today, so you may find it easier to work on several different things at once rather than putting all your attention on one subject.
Tonight, the moon moves into conjunction with Uranus. This is a creative evening with a lot of new ideas coming in for most. The energy is all over the place, and so it may be good to write things down or share with others so you don't forget. This is a genius, inventive vibration that could yield excellent thoughts and ideas that break new ground.

Wednesday, June 29th - The moon and Mercury are sextile this morning, enhancing communication and vision. The moon is void of course from 3:46am until 6:03am EST, when it enters Taurus. Today is a lot more grounded than yesterday, and allows for more concrete plans to take shape. While yesterday was spent more in the mental sector, today inspires physical changes.
Mercury enters the romantic, gentle moon-ruled sign of Cancer this evening at 7:23pm EST, joining the Sun and Venus. Having the planet of communication in this sign sharpens and hones our intuition for the next few weeks. We may be drawn to explore our pasts and ancestry, or find pleasure in history, antiques and old songs, movies and art. Conversations are feeling-based and we get further during the weeks to come when we appeal to other's artistic and emotional temperaments rather than cold, hard logic.
Mars moves direct tonight at 7:39pm EST. Physical stamina should pick up over the next week, and it will become a lot easier to take action in the world. We've been more subdued during this retrograde period, and that repressed energy may have caused some disturbances. As the red planet begins its forward motion through our visual field, we may find ourselves having to process anger or repressed emotion, but once it is out of our system we feel much better. Mars will be coming out of the retrograde shadow period until mid-August, meaning it is retracing the steps it made in retrograde. Plans that were delayed or any procrastination that occurred will begin to pick up the pace, but things will be back to normal, as far as our ability to take action goes, on August 22nd.
The moon sextiles the Sun tonight, providing a buoyant sense of optimism, particularly for Cancer and Taurus.

Thursday, June 30th - Venus and the North Node meet in exact sextile shortly after midnight. This is a highly cosmic transit that affects our relationships in a karmic way. We are drawn toward those who light up our own internal path, as well as those who bring attention to any road blocks we keep trying to avoid. You may find problems in relationships are amplified this week, but the flip side of this is that positive connections with others are enhanced as well. The best way to navigate things is to go with the flow. If you find yourself drifting away from someone whose path is different than your own, go with the current and see if you reconnect somewhere down the line.
The moon is very active today and is in the process of forming a loose kite pattern late this morning. The kite is a formation that occurs when a trio of planets are interlocked with a fourth leading planet, forming a series of aspects that are shaped like a kite. The moon connects up with Jupiter and Venus, with Pluto at the tip of the kite this morning at about 11am EST. The hinging opposition of Venus and Pluto further exaggerates the karmic relationship ties that are being activated by the Venus/North Node sextile. This kite creates a degree of artistic tension that allows for massive creative strides to take place, in both actual art projects and also in our every day lives. Relationships may dissolve and change, but this allows for growth. Today and into this weekend you may experience dramatic shifts in relationships, both personal and professional. It is worth noting that the Venus/Pluto opposition does create jealousy issues and some power struggles within the inner workings of relationships, so be aware of this over the next several days and think things over before acting in the heat of the moment in a way you may later regret.
The moon is void of course from 8:19pm EST until tomorrow morning.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly Forecast: 6/17/16 through 6/23/16

Friday, June 17th - Today the moon conjuncts Mars early on, providing a boost of energy and increased ability to focus. The moon is void beginning at 9:52am EST, and at this point there may be an energy drain, primarily for Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. The moon trines Chiron this afternoon, which suggests it is an excellent time for some soul searching and deep delving into the subconscious. The Scorpio moon assists with this and provides us much needed insight.
Venus shifts into Cancer at 3:38pm EST, a very loving and cozy placement for the planet of love and beauty. Venus is quite at home here, and romance and creativity flourish for the next few weeks. There may be a need to hole up with your loved ones, as Cancer enjoys sticking close to their domicile. This is an excellent time for beautifying the home and living environment. Venus in this placement brings a sort of nostalgia, and there could be feelings of yearning or wanderlust for past environments and people. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces receive a romance boost this month.
The moon exits its void at 9:34pm EST and enters adventurous Sagittarius. The evening could bring some surprises, or a need to shake up the routine in some way or another.
Tonight Saturn and Neptune are in exact square. There have been a lot of big transits lately, and this one has been flitting in and out since Saturn and Neptune have retrograded. Since both of these planets are currently in retrograde, we are dealing with old emotions and old responsibilities and baggage. This is going to feel a bit strange, because situations you're certain you've outgrown could replay in varying ways. The important thing is not to revert to old behaviors that don't serve you. Take a step back if needed, rather than reacting in a way you may regret.

Saturday, June 18th - Early on in the day, Mars and Uranus are inconjunct. Physical energy and ailments may rear up, but they are less likely to do so if you provide yourself with adequate rest and care. Be preemptive. This could extend to mental health as well - take some time off and enjoy nature, or do something that provides you happiness.
The moon opposes Mercury, conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune over the course of the afternoon and evening. Communication may be a little difficult. It makes more sense to go off on your own and focus on personal studies. Mind expansion of all sorts is a bit easier today. Consider studying or reading a book, or learning through experiences in some form or fashion.

Sunday, June 19th - The Sagittarian moon squares Jupiter and the North Node this morning. Feelings of pessimism or limitations could come up. A lot of this is temporary, but dwelling too much in things that have not yet come to pass could cause some opportunities to be missed out on.
Tonight, the moon trines Uranus and squares Chiron. We are gearing up for a HUGE astrological day tomorrow, so some sensitive folks could be feeling pulled in lots of different directions. The summer solstice is a fertile time for growth, both in nature and in our personal lives. Consider the changes that have taken place for you since the last summer solstice, and celebrate the positive shifts that you have made, even if it is challenging to think of any. Some victories are small, but that doesn't mean they aren't worthwhile.

Monday, June 20th - This is a very important day in the cosmos, and many big transits are coming through to shake things up today.
The first is the Full Moon which hits at precisely 7:04am EST. This full moon (Moon opposition Sun) is on the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, which directly affects mental processes and our ability to learn and soak up new information. Full moons are a time to reap and collect rewards and make results happen, so it is very likely that new belief systems and ways of looking at the world are beginning to occur for many people. This polarity will create shifts and changes in schooling. Some may want to change majors, or go back to school (or maybe leave school entirely). There is a need to take in new information now, even if it is not in a formal learning environment. Travel of all sorts is supported, and many will feel a desire to go someplace new this week.
The moon is void of course from 7:04 until 7:55am EST, when it enters Capricorn. While we are curious and searching for answers through outer experience, the Capricorn energy comes along to remind us to keep grounded and stable. Try as we might, running off into the wilderness won't work right now unless we've come to terms with what we're trying to run away from. Mercury and Saturn are opposite one another today, and so if you have been avoiding a responsibility or not dealing with a relationship problem, it will likely be forced to the surface today. You may get called out on something, and this is okay. Once this problem is dealt with, there is a lot of tension that is released that can then be applied to something creative and new.
Mercury and Neptune are square today also, which will lead some people to question their beliefs and have issues with the beliefs of others. This could create tension in political and religious arenas. Some may feel compelled to stand up for their beliefs even if they were not questioned. If something is not worth the fight in the long run, it may be better to let it go for now.
Jupiter is exactly conjunct the North Node again today, which is an extremely lucky time (especially for Virgos, as the conjunction happens in their sign). This will impact our abilities to manifest growth and change. New opportunities open up in the health and medical fields.
The Sun enters Cancer tonight at 6:33pm EST, bringing in the Summer Solstice. This is a time of light and abundance, and on the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), it is the time to count blessings and step fully into that light. If you are having struggles right now, you are on the dividing line between the confining winter and the expansive summer. Step forward and allow yourself the permission to grow and move toward the light.

Tuesday, June 21st - The Capricorn moon creates work shifts and financial opportunities. The moon trines the North Node/Jupiter conjunction and shifts into conjunction with Pluto. It is a good time to create your own business or begin to work from home. Again, those who plan to work in the healthcare industry may experience some changes. This also applies to those who are caring for themselves, or interested in energy work. Fresh ideas from yesterday zap new patterns and pathways into our minds, and allow illumination in areas that once seemed foggy. Again, starting a new business of any kind is supported. Pluto's leadership abilities help those who look to help themselves.

Wednesday, June 22nd - The moon squares Uranus this morning before moving void of course at 4:57am EST. Energy is a bit depleted this morning, but it doesn't necessarily feel like a bad thing. There is a wish to stay and lounge in bed, or take it easy in the summer sun. If you are able to skirt responsibilities, then it could be a pleasant, lazy day.
The moon sextiles Chiron and Mercury squares the North Node and Jupiter this morning. This is not a day for massive progress, but rather a day of rest and regrouping. The energy is overall uplifting and gentle, but brings no massive shifts.
At 4:08pm EST, the moon exits the void and enters Aquarius. You may be drawn to help someone else tonight, or work for a greater cause. Band together with others, as tonight there is strength in numbers.

Thursday, June 23rd - Mercury and Pluto are inconjunct today. Others may not understand new directions you're heading in, but this is okay. We are allowed to change and grow as people, and if others have a hard time adjusting, then that's fine. Everyone moves at their own pace. We can't expect everyone to always understand and support us one hundred percent of the time. If you feel as though you need some support and love, there is a lot of this as well. You may need to look a little harder, or push past the criticism to find it.
The moon and Saturn are in sextile. Ideas take shape and form more concrete plans. I would liken it a bit to finally sketching out the blueprint when it's been living in your head for months. There is still no solid house to walk into, but the pieces are all there now. Begin sketching your blueprints, in whatever way brings the idea into a more attainable place.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekly Forecast: 6/10/16 through 6/16/16

Art by Stephen Pearson

Friday, June 10th - The day starts off on shaky terrain as the Leo moon squares Mars and Mercury in quick succession, before moving void of course at 3:14am EST. Tension could be high and it may be difficult to find the motivation to get things done. The void period only lasts until 9:46am EST, when the moon enters Virgo. This is the last aspect of the day, which brings on a more peaceful and easy feeling. The Virgo moon enhances our attention to detail and allows us the capacity to be more organized this afternoon. Ticking things off a to-do list may bring a certain amount of satisfaction.

Saturday, June 11th - The moon squares Saturn and opposes Neptune this morning. This is a bit of a far-out sensation, and roots many in daydreams. It is difficult to get down to business, and there may be a pervasive feeling that you need to accomplish something even if you are unable to focus on it or figure out what even needs to be done.
The moon moves into conjunction with Jupiter this afternoon, and then conjuncts the North Node at about 5pm EST. This conjunction is powerful and enhances the luck of those born under the sign of Virgo, or with their moons in Virgo. Opportunities come knocking, but if we do not work hard at the things we want, then there is likely going to be a slower speed for any goal manifestation.
Tonight, the moon trines Pluto, which is prepping us for the massive Pluto/North Node trine that is hitting early tomorrow morning. Memories are coming up for a lot of people that are connecting them back to old people and places (perhaps even memories of other lifetimes, or ancestral and historical time periods). These are bleeding forward and making it a bit difficult to focus one hundred percent in the present moment. This experience will amplify over the next several days. The most important thing is to go with the flow. Pay attention to the feelings that arise, rather than shutting them out.

Sunday, June 12th - This is an extremely busy day in the cosmos with many major shifts occurring. The Pluto/North Node trine I mentioned yesterday hits at 1:22am EST and will be felt for the next week or two. The effect brings a lot of karmic memories from underground, including past recollections of childhood or old friends, family and lovers. It connects us to ancestral memories of the past, and amplifies the emotions of the collective unconscious. Other people's pain is harder to hide from now, especially for sensitive people. Labradorite is a good stone to carry this week, as it is believed to create a psychic shield for empaths while still allowing intuition to function.
The moon squares the Sun and Venus, sextiles Mars, opposes Chiron and trines Mercury over the course of the day. This could result in a burned out type of feeling, where energy is sapped early on in the day. Rest if you can; if not, practicing some breathing techniques can help since a lot of the drain is mental or emotional. Try inhaling through the nose for four seconds, holding the breath for seven seconds and exhaling through the mouth for eight seconds and repeating for as long as needed. This is a common technique for slowing down a racing mind and heart and stopping feelings of panic or anxiety.
Mars and Chiron are in trine today, which suggests that healing can come through taking action. There may feel like there is a lot to do, or that your attention is being pulled in different directions. Exercise will help to relax and undo any tension. This can be as simple as going for a walk or stretching a little.
Venus and Uranus are in sextile today as well. Relationships take unexpected turns. It is an adventurous time for partnerships and relationships of all kinds. Some may feel drawn toward romantic partners they wouldn't typically choose.
As if all those transits weren't enough, Mercury enters Gemini tonight at 7:20pm EST. Mercury is very at home here in the sign it rules over. Communication can really begin flowing. The next few weeks are a perfect time to negotiate business deals, sign contracts, or make long term plans. Most people will be very honest during this three week stretch and will have a hard time hiding any deceitful intention.
The moon is void from 7:23pm until 8:33pm EST, when it enters Libra.

Monday, June 13th - Today has some heavy-hitter transits that will bring effects that can be felt for the next few weeks (or in some cases, a few months). The first is that Neptune will station retrograde this evening at 4:43pm EST. Neptune joins Mars, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde. This impact can be felt globally, as well as in our personal lives. When Neptune passes into retrograde, there can be a perceived need to hide our beliefs or true selves. Spirituality, religion or political beliefs of any kind can result in prosecution or on a smaller scale, arguments and hassles. We've been in the shadow zone of this retrograde for a few weeks now, and if you look at the media and the news it is possible to see how this retrograde is contributing (at least on some level). When you add the repressed anger of a Mars retrograde, the feelings of inadequacy of a Saturn retrograde, and the underdog mentality of a Pluto retrograde, there is a lot of capacity for violence and turbulence. This energy can also be channeled into a revolution of sorts, of discovering what it is we don't want in our lives to such a clear extent that we have no choice but to begin working for those things we hold dear.

This Neptune retrograde period lasts until November, and is more of a slow burn than some of the quicker moving planets' retrograde stations. We will be confronted with old belief systems and will have to decide if they are serving us. There may be disagreements with others based on personal beliefs. Some may experience issues with escapism, either by running away from problems quite literally or feeling drawn to chemical substances. The nature of this year is that there is really no way to hide from our problems. They will find us in increasingly intense ways, and so it is best to deal with them head on. The retrograde forces us to look at old issues and blockages, and once we deal with it, it tends to lift. Sometimes there are layers to problems, however, so don't be discouraged if you take care of one thing and another instantly pops up. Deal with things as they come, and strive for greater clarity and presence.

Venus and Mars are inconjunct today, as Venus and Chiron are square. Relationships are getting examined on deeper levels. This is going to feel uncomfortable, probably, since flaws are getting brought to the surface. Chiron's work here is to show us what's inside of ourselves that we are bringing to the table in every single one of our relationships, be it a romance, friendship, work relationship, etc. We are the common denominator in every relationship we have, and it is impossible to come at them with a completely unbiased viewpoint. This week you may find yourself getting bothered by those around you. Consider the root of this feeling. Are you getting annoyed at someone for being judgmental? What would happen if you lessened your own judgment of that person? These are things to consider to work toward greater peace and harmony in our personal relationships.

Tonight the Libra moon sextiles Saturn, which allows work to get done, particularly with the help of others.

Tuesday, June 14th - The Sun sextiles Uranus early this morning. This is a day for new ideas and for approaching problems in an entirely different way. The same old routine way of dealing with things may not work today. It is good to bounce ideas off of others and work together to come up with a game plan. The Libra moon encourages camaraderie and teamwork.

The day is mostly free of aspects, with a moon/Uranus opposition and moon/Sun trine tonight. Emotions could be a bit all over the place tonight, but again, if we lean on others these feelings can be worked through quickly. The Uranian influence of the day makes things very fast moving, and so though the day may feel like a roller coaster, each new problem is tackled in a speedy way.

Wednesday, June 15th - The Sun and Mars are inconjunct this morning, slowing down physical activity. The mind races, but the body may not be able to catch up. The day will start off slow, with the moon void of course from 3:01am until 9:18am EST, when it enters Scorpio.
The rest of the day picks up the pace, even though there aren't any transits occurring until evening. The Scorpio moon brings a level of intensity and focus to any activity, allowing us to push through any energy drains.
The Sun and Chiron are in square tonight, which suggests it may be necessary to take a rest or go to bed early. The body will reflect any stress you've been dealing with, and the best way to begin bringing on a peaceful feeling is to get enough sleep and relaxation.

Thursday, June 16th - Today is a pleasant day in the cosmos, with the Scorpio moon forming a trine to Neptune in the morning, and three sextiles (to Jupiter, Pluto and the North Node) this evening. These are all easy aspects, with a penchant for adventure and for opening the mind up to new and exciting ideas. Creativity begins rushing in. The Scorpio moon makes us want to hole up with someone close and work on something important to us. This is a cosmic day, with enhanced spirituality. The veil is very thin on this day, meaning it is easier to bring ideas to fruition and manifest things you've been wanting.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Weekly Forecast: 6/3/16 through 6/9/16

Art by Bruce Pennington

Friday, June 3rd - Today is an incredibly intense day, with many heavy aspects hitting one after the other. This is the day before tomorrow's equally transformative new moon, and so the main theme for the day is shedding. We are shedding what no longer serves us, and sometimes this may seem difficult or as though things are falling away against our will. Even if you fight the process, you may notice that in the aftermath things are much simpler and flow easier for you.
Today begins with a Venus/Neptune square shortly after midnight. This has been manifesting in two distinct ways, and we will see both relationships and creative projects that are no longer serving us falling away. Some are going to feel disoriented and confused, as any hard Neptune transit can bring these sensations with it. These are big shifts and changes happening. Many major life choices are coming to our attention, and we have to choose quickly and instinctually.
The hours of power for the day occur at about 2-4am EST, but their effects will carry over throughout the entirety of the day and into tomorrow. A Grand Cross formation interlocks over a Grand Trine, considered a magical sign of transformation and rebirth. The Grand Cross (involving the Jupiter/Neptune opposition and the Sun/Venus conjunction opposing Saturn) indicates some struggle and creative tension that may translate into frustration and limitations. Once you become aware of what's holding you back, there is an awakening that occurs at the level of the Grand Trine (the Moon, North Node and Pluto). This is a highly karmic configuration that accesses our greater truths at a cellular level. The moon and Pluto unite here to elevate the divine feminine power within all of us, the Yin energy that allows us to receive and flow in harmony with the world at large.
The main thing here is to allow this process to take hold. If things are falling away from you, consider if they are truly needed from an objective standpoint. Do you need to fight for material things that don't bring you happiness and don't make your soul feel alive? Do you need to continue in a relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself? This process is difficult and requires great awareness but can put you down the path toward vibrant self expression and love if you allow it to.
The moon is very active today, and its contacts can expand and retract energy at the drop of a hat. You may feel tired or emotionally drained. The Venus/Saturn opposition that occurs tonight will make some relationships feel like work, and so it may be better to spend time alone or only with those who lift you up.
The moon is void of course from 7:02pm until 11:01pm EST, when it enters Gemini.

Saturday, June 4th - While yesterday may have felt like a whirlwind, we were just getting started! We are building up to tonight's New Moon, which is bringing immense change along with it.
This morning, the Sun squares Jupiter. Ideas may feel limiting. It is important to push yourself out of your comfort zone, even though it will feel particularly unpleasant today. This is more of a mental thing and less about going out to do things you'd normally not do. The Gemini energy encourages us to learn new things and get our minds working. Push your mental boundaries outward. Begin learning a new language, or reading a book that is about a subject of which you know nothing. Talk to someone whose ideas are different than your own. This is all about waking up your mind and regaining a childlike curiosity.
The day is fairly slow moving until about 7pm EST, when the moon begins making a series of aspects. It squares Neptune, opposes Saturn, conjuncts Venus and then squares Jupiter, all in a three hour span (7-10pm EST). This three hour window will feel strange, like a time warp has occurred. There is so much going on in this small space of time, which then gets released as the New Moon hits at 11:01pm EST. This release is going to feel noticeable, even if you don't actually feel it until tomorrow morning when you wake up. It will hit in different ways for everyone, but will open your mind up to new possibilities no matter what level of awareness you are on. Keep this in mind when dealing with someone who you perceive as difficult. They are not going to suddenly wake up and be present, loving and aware. They have to start at the level they are at, and what seems like progress to them may feel miles away from where you are. Be respectful of everyone's journey.
The Venus/Jupiter square tonight reminds us to let go of those partnerships which limit us, be they work, creative, friendship or romantic connections. This doesn't mean you should end it with anyone with whom you experience difficulties; difficulties allow us to grow and they are a necessary part of life. However, if you are not growing in the same direction, it is okay to part ways for now. Letting go is the main theme for the month of June.

Sunday, June 5th - Today is a lot quieter, which will allow the intensity of the last two days to sink in and be processed. The moon squares the North Node and sextiles Uranus before moving void of course at 12:47pm EST. It is a good day for exercise, healing and rest. The mind is very active and excited about progress and future plans, but the body needs some care. The moon/Chiron square this afternoon suggests it necessary to listen to your body, even if your mind wants you to race forward and get a lot of things done.
The void period ends at 11:47pm EST as the moon enters Cancer.

Monday, June 6th - Today is a quiet, peaceful day with Cancerian energy bringing a desire to be close to home or around loved ones. Nostalgia and memory play a big part. The Sun moves into conjunction with Venus tonight, which makes us feel more tender and willing to share. Romance and partnership are highlighted, and there is a desire to 'hide away' with the one you love, or with a close friend. Mental stimulation brings relationships to the next level. This is a transit that can leave you wondering where all the time went after you talk with another person for hours. The Gemini influence of the Sun/Venus conjunction will make connections easier if you are on the same page mentally with those around you.
Tonight, the moon trines Neptune, bringing in dreamy, watery energy. Sensitivities may have been flaring up after the weekend's intensity, so cool yourself off in the mystical waters of tonight's Cancer/Pisces trine. This could be as literal as taking a relaxing bath, or listening to music that sends you somewhere far off and calming.

Tuesday, June 7th - A series of inconjunctions this morning creates some awkward feelings for some, or could result in some misunderstandings. The day begins with a moon/Jupiter sextile, which is an emotionally healing transit that allows us to grow and learn from past choices. We may desire to stretch our wings and perhaps travel a bit over the next few weeks.
The strange energy comes as Pluto moves into inconjunction, or quincunx, with the Sun/Venus conjunction at 16-17 degrees Gemini. Inconjunctions cause strain or confusion between the planets involved. Here, there is a degree of closeness in relationships that isn't understood by some outside party (or is perceived to be misunderstood). Pluto's influence can suggest a need, or sudden desire, to keep things secretive. This is exacerbated by the Venus/North Node square occurring today also. This is the sort of transit combination that could bring about an elopement, or a secret engagement. The thing to remember is that some of the feelings of disapproval come from lack of communication, which should be alleviated in the next couple of weeks. There is no real need to rush into something secret, especially if the motive is marred with a feeling of spite or angst.
The day brings a lot of lunar transits, pulling us in a number of different directions. The Cancer moon opposes Pluto (which will make that "us against the world" feeling I mentioned earlier seem more pronounced), sextiles the North Node, squares Uranus, sextiles Mercury, and trines Chiron and Mars before moving void of course at 8:18pm EST. It is a ripe day for random decisions that could easily be regretted, so be careful before walking out of your job or deciding to move on a whim. It's okay to toy with these ideas, but things will seem clearer soon and you may realize that the reason behind your motivation was not all that sound or lasting.
Today is the last day of the Mercury retrograde shadow period. Some people have been asking me why Mercury retrograde seemed worse in the last week and a half or two than it did while it was actually in full retrograde. My belief is that we've been moving back through all the transits we went through over retrograde, and this is activating anything we've swept under the rug. If you felt like you could just let that strange noise in your car go, or hope that your relationship issue would solve itself without any active attempt to reconcile, than it will seem like everything is going wrong all at once. Mercury just brings light to unclear communication, be it technological or personal. After today, we will stop with the repetitive transits and push forward into new territory. Make sure you deal with any loose ends, however, or the next Mercury retrograde (August-September 2016) will bring them forth with even more power.

Wednesday, June 8th - The moon exits its void at 2:47am EST and enters Leo. Today is breezy and pleasant as we have exited the Mercury retrograde shadow period and are in the clear. Communication is easier than it has been in a month or so. It's a good day for business deals and career planning, and also for reconciling with friends or family members.
Mercury and Chiron are in sextile, bringing healing through conversation. Consider keeping active today and socializing, as the Leo moon urges us to go out on the town and be seen. You never know who you will see or meet tonight, and luck is on the side of Pisces, Taurus and Leo especially.

Thursday, June 9th - The moon trines Saturn and Pluto trines the North Node this morning. Things that have seemed stuck for weeks are starting to roll forward. This is a fertile time for creative change and for career shifts. Action and work are expected from us all, but opportunities are beginning to come to light that allow a clear path to victory.
Mercury and Mars oppose each other this afternoon, which will create some argumentative situations. There is a lot of energy bubbling up today, and if it's not conducted into something productive, it can get taken out on others. Exercise or stay active to calm yourself down, if you're noticing this sensation.
The moon sextiles the Sun, Venus and trines Uranus tonight. This is a progressive time, with new ideas and optimism coming in. An old opportunity rises up once more, but with some detail shifts that make it more appealing than it was the last go-round. Consider it and take a day or two to decide.